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Sưu Tầm - The Kidney Cleanse

Tình cờ tìm thấy trên mạng bài viết nầy, chỉ dẫn một số cách để "làm sạch thận" (kidney cleanse) với một số loại rau quả thông dụng nên Tứ Diễm mang vào đây để dành khi nào rảnh sẽ làm theo thử xem sao.   Dù không hiệu quả 100% như bài viết nhưng nghĩ chắc cũng chẳng có hại gì.  

Nếu ai muốn thực hành, xin mời đọc thêm chi tiết nha.

The Kidney Cleanse

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Got lower back pain and suspect it might be a kidney stone? Try this cleanse before an expensive hospital visit. Small kidney stones can be dissolved a few weeks with a few changes in your diet and large amounts of water to wash out any toxins that have built up over time.

This cleanse is not just to remove kidney stones though. The kidney filters out all kinds of toxic substances from your blood and is particularly sensitive to infections - keeping this organ clean and functioning properly is highly important for your health.

What are Kidney Stones?

A kidney cleanse is a great way to avoid kidney stones, but how do they form? If you are dehydrated or have consumed lots of toxic substances, the urine that passes through the kidney can crystallize, forming mineral deposits or kidney stones.
If the stones become too big they can block urine flow, causing extreme pain in your lower back. A kidney cleanse helps these stones to dissolve, easing your pain, and can also prevent them from forming in the first place.

How to do the Kidney Cleanse

The kidney cleanse is a 3-day fast during which you must drink large quantities of distilled water and apple juice. You can drink up to a gallon of each, separately or mixed together.
If you haven't tried a fast before, don't worry this cleanse is perfectly healthy. You may be a little hungry, but the apple juice will give you energy and help you feel more full.
You can start checking for kidney stones immediately after your first drink of apple juice. Use a simple tea strainer to look for them - they might be very small so look carefully.
Not everyone passes kidney stones on this cleanse, but even if you don't its very healthy and will prevent any future problems.

Herbs for Kidney Cleansing

Try the following herbs before or after your kidney cleanse.

Uva Ursi (Bearberry)

When taken orally, Uva Ursi transforms in the stomach into a compound with antimicrobial and disinfectant properties. It then passes down through the urinary system and so can also aid with urinary infections.


Parsley detoxifies the kidney by flushing toxins out, and is beneficial in the treatment and prevention of kidney stones. Parsley contains a compound named Apoil, which has now been isolated and used in medication to treat kidney ailments and kidney stones.
To make a Parsley tea, place 2 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley into a pot with the lid on. Heat the water to almost boiling, then turn off the heat. Let it sit for fifteen minutes, then strain the parsley out and enjoy the tea.


Nettles are effective diuretics and anti-bacterials that can help to treat and prevent kidney stones. They are available as a tea or in capsules.

Kidney Cleanser Recipes

Ultimate Kidney Cleanser Juice

Here are two great kidney cleanse recipes. Just throw it all together in the juicer, then drink! You can also use a blender if you want it to be more like a smoothie.
Recipe 1
4 Stalks Celery
3 Sprigs Parsley
1 Cucumber
Half a lemon
Recipe 2
2 Apples
4-6 slices Watermelon

Kidney Cleansing Tea

A variety of teas are available that can help with a Kidney Cleanse. Watermelon seed tea and Celery seed tea are both powerful diuretics that increase your water intake and flush water more quickly through the kidneys.


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